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Re: Adam de Salzburg ---- noble opportunist with William I

My mother's paternal line is Salisbury with evidence pointing towards William Salisbury of Wales (1622 - 1675) who settled in Swansea, MA. Much has been written that he descends from the Salisburys of Llyweni.

So, I am doing some research on this line now and I had read about the Adam de Salzburg info.

I also read this in the Peerage Of England and thought it might be relevant and wondered your thoughts on this :

Among other powerful Normans, who accompanied Duke William in the conquest of England, was Walter de Ewrus, Earl of ROSMAR, to whom, in consideration of his valour, he gave the lordships of Salisbury and Arnesbury, in Wiltshire. This Earl before he came hither had issue Gerold, called Le Gros, afterwards Earl of Rosmar, father of William, surnamed Meschin, father of William, who died issueless.

But after his coming to England he had other sons, viz. First, Edward, ancestor to the ancient Earls of Salisbury. Second, Robert, ancestor to the Viscounts Hereford, and Earls of Essex.

Edward, eldest son, called De Saresberie was possessed, at the general survey, of large estates, among which were thirty- three lordships in Wiltshire. In 20 Hen. I. he was standard-bearer in the famous battle at Brenneville in Normandy. He left a son Walter; whose son and heir Patric was advanced to the dignity of Earl of Salisbury, by Maud the Empress.


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