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Re: Hugues de Cluny

A somewhat contentious topic.My interest was drawn to The Chronicon Cluniacense contribution since I have been puzzled by those people who try to decipher new meanings for it.It is surely more simple than is considered.Hugues de Cluny wanted to defend his abbey and convent against controversy where he could.The Pope had his own nebulous agenda for The First Crusade and I tend to think Hugues de Cluny with that independent mind of his sought divine guidance at variance with the unfolding events elsewhere.His expression in The Chronicon Cluniacense imagery conveys an inner torment.When divine guidance invades the soul is that so strange? The Catholic Encyclopaedia tends to straddle temporal and eternal understandings hence its bias towards its version on the basis of how it differs from historical verification.
Concerning Hugues de Cluny's letter about William 11's controversial demise is this not surely also another example of that torment which The Chronicon Cluniacense depicts? He knew a truth which dare not speak its name as it were and in so doing in that "silence" he gave history the benefit of his knowledge and experience in presiding over that beautiful legacy that was and is Cluny and Marcigny-sur-Loire.
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